Client Pain Points

Why Customers Switch to ProManageIT

In the years we have been in the IT consulting business, we repeatedly hear the same complaints from clients and prospects about managing their Technology Operations. We designed ProManageIT specifically to address these concerns.

These are the reasons companies are switching to ProManageIT. Maybe you can relate to some of them.

Our IT operations are too costly - A fulltime technology employee can cost at $80,000 or more per year. Adding to these costs are employee benefits, turnover, training, administration, and office space. Traditional IT support firms are costly at $125 to $150 an hour, and only address issues once they become costly service outages.

Our IT infrastructure and staff are difficult to manage - Technology requires specialized skills, which change frequently to keep pace with evolving technology. Internal IT staff is often behind the curve, and lack the vital skills necessary to manage a complicated environment.

It seems like management and IT are speaking different languages - Too often, management and IT are misaligned, as IT staff does not understand the business implications of the technology, and management does not know enough about the technology, or technical jargon, to ask the right questions, or fully understand how technology can help management achieve its goals.

Our network is unreliable and downtime is expensive – Companies pay traditional support companies to fix a problem after something has broken rather than to prevent problems. Experience has taught us that it is usually more expensive to repair a problem than to prevent it. Think about the cost of changing the oil in your car every three months compared to replacing the engine if you do not. However, by far the greatest cost of downtime is lost employee productivity during a service outage.

Our current IT vendor started out strong, but service is inconsistent and quality declined over time - Traditional IT firms are often stretched too thin. Their business model is not based on process and they do not utilize advanced management tools. As a result, they do not scale well. As their company grows, their quality declines. Because Traditional IT firms are not process focused, service quality is not repeatable or consistent.

We are concerned what might happen if our current it staff person leaves - Small companies often rely on a single person to run their IT operations. If that person leaves, that knowledge is lost.  Until you hire new IT staff, the chance for data loss and service interruption increase drastically.

One of our employees manages the technology, but that is not his real job - Often companies self-manage their technology without a full-time IT staff. In one law firm, we found that a partner was managing the company network in his spare time. The problem, we were told by the office staff, was that the partner was not doing a very good job. Email and other critical systems were often down. Upon further investigation, we found that the partner's billable client rate was $350 per hour. This translated into to the company paying $350 per hour for bad IT support.

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